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Reason # 2,459 I love living in a small community...

I called the "local" Sears this morning (I've learned that you NEVER assume that a store will have the things the "big-city" version have.)and asked about their freezers. I had made up my mind I would be happy with a much smaller freezer (have you looked at prices online? I was in shock!), so asked about a 16.7 cf one first.

The lady was very nice - told me the price ($659), then said "But, if you have room, we are having a sale on the 20.6 cf Kenmore right now, and if you pay with cash we'll take 10% off."

Yee-haw! We ran out to Sears (17.5 miles, as the crow flies) and, $750 (including tax and delivery fees) later, I was set up for delivery TODAY on a 20.6 cf Kenmore. Plus, she gave me a coupon to send in for a $50 rebate. *oooooh*

It's funny - it's the exact same size as the dead Frigidare, but it will hold a LOT more. It has 1 more shelf, with a pull-out basket in the bottom, and 6 shelves in the door (instead of the 4 the Frigidare had). It's freaking *huge*, and....IIRC, we paid $950 for the Frigidare in 2000. And it was a scratch-n-dent model.

Plus...the same model at the store in Mesquite (30+ miles away) is currently listed at $759, and THEY don't offer cash discounts.

To say I am chuffed is an understatement. *g* I ran out to the store and bought more meat to put in it, since I had so much room. It's *still* not full, but I feel happy at the moment with my stockpile. I should have enough stuff in there to feed Himself for...maybe a week. Two if I am very lucky. *vbg*

The only thing that will make me happier is news that Steph (finally) sent out my wheel. *g*
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