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Christmas is coming...


Previous Entry Christmas is coming... Dec. 13th, 2005 @ 02:47 pm Next Entry
and I'm frantically running around trying to get the gifts done. And wrapped.

I finished my SILs present, got a picture, and shipped it out this AM. I'll update the website later this week - I don't *think* she reads here, but you never know. I finished the knitting last week, and the kids helped me dye it. Hope she likes it!

I've started and almost finished a baby hat for Himself's godmother's 6 month old son. I'm using some soft, bumpy, squiggly acrylic in bright primary colors for it. It's hard for me to estimate the size, since I don't have access to any little babies. Ah, well - if anything, it'll be too big. *g*

The loom is starting to sulk again. I've been ignoring it in favor of the knitting....I *really* need to get back in the groove and get those silly dishtowels off. (So much for giving new dishtowels this Christmas!)

My wheel is languishing as well. I've got batt #4 of the first color combo on the bobbin, but don't feel like spinning laceweight right now. I need to just DO it....maybe next week while I'm off. (Provided, of course, that the kidlets Let me spin.)

We delivered the rest of the daycare's prezzies this AM.....a scarf and soap for the director, and soap for the 2 office ladies.

Herself gave her teacher a scarf and soap yesterday; Himself's teacher was out sick but "she'll be there tomorrow, Mama!" We'll see. These 3 scarves were knit by my MIL in that *nasty* eyelash yarn (yeah, the popular thing this year. I've tried to knit with it...but it's ick. And the lashes keep tangling and snarling the needle.), but hey - at least they are handmade! The soap we made earlier in the year - M&P, but very nice.

I think that's it...unless I discover I've forgotten someone else. At least hats are fast and easy to whip out! *eg*
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spin a yarn
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Date:December 13th, 2005 09:08 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna bite the bullet and order myself an AA castle wheel. I don't have room for a "normal" wheel, but I can fit a castle wheel into the space currently occupied by the Timbertops Beaver, which I will then sell.
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Date:December 13th, 2005 09:36 pm (UTC)
*snicker*snerk* Welcome to the dark side! Just - don't take it personally if he snarks at you.

The Irish Castle is *tall*, my Scottish Castle is...not so much (4.5', I think). I think the floor space is pretty much the same - my wheel is not quite as wide as my rocking chair, and it's maybe.....22" from front to back. Maybe less, maybe more - I'll try to remember to measure it tonight. It's definately not as space-hogging as a regular Saxony.

He makes a frame wheel that looks a little bit more compact, but it's Plain. (Which is why it's a little more affordable.) I keep looking at it, but I DO NOT NEED any more wheels. Nope. I don't. Not at all.

My Saxony is supposed to have a very small footprint - I'll let you know when I get it. Unfortunately, it's going to be on the High end of his pricing - it's got a lot of "fancy work" going on.
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Date:December 14th, 2005 01:34 am (UTC)
OK - I dug out a tape measure and started measuring. She is 17" from left to right, 22" from the treadle bar to the back leg, and.....47" (or so) from the floor to the top of the drivewheel. This is with the original flyer - if I were to put the super-duper bulky plyer on, she'd be about 19" from left to right - it hangs over the table a bit.
(spin a yarn)
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