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Oooh! I love the calendar feature on my Palm!!

See, I just whined about having no current project. And about the teeny-tiny yarn I was so proud of being impossible for me to use. Well, turns out my subconscious was at work (for once!)

My Palm just dinged at me. I had forgotten that *way* back in...August? July?? I had written up a list of things I needed to do as Christmas presents, and, because I'm anal, I had put in a deadline. (Can you believe I actually thought I'd be *done* with the knitting by now? *snerk*)

Well, it dinged, so I opened it up. Hmmmm. Long list. OK, let's see: Parents: check \
In-laws: check (but....yeah. Not finished. Still thinking on them. *sigh*)
Kids: check, check,check AND check (gotta count Santa in there!)
Daycare folks: check (AND delivered already!!)
Kids teachers: check (and Ditto!)
Brother in Law: check
Sister in Law: Check (and Shipped! Whee!)
Brother and SIL: Che - WAIT. Oops. Forgot something. (Yes, they have prezzies - handmade ones at that. BUT still....I had planned something else for HER, not Him, and my brain skipped that page.)

See, my lovely SIL Jenny asked - oh, 2 or 3 years ago - for knitting lessons. We started, but they kinda slipped to the very back burner. *sigh* So, I had thought to do something for her to get the urge going again.....and I goofed. (Hey - I have a Very Good Excuse. My boss bought the big one (went toes up, stuck his spoon in the wall, kicked the bucket - pick your favorite)

But, now I know why the sock yarn didn't work - I gotta get another project done! And I have the perfect handspun sitting out and's even already wound into a ball (and I wondered, early Monday morning, why I was spending the time winding a ball I really, really, didn't need at that point!) Sometimes my brain isn't as blonde as my hair!

It'll have be something special - anyone that can live with my baby brother deserves it *eg* (J/K, Bro! Maybe....*eg*) Hmmmm, I have 20 minutes left up here - must decide on what, so I can grab the yarn and needles on my way out the door to choir practice (will this make it "holy", if I start it in church? *g*)

Maybe this'll entice her to come out and play more often.....and try spinning, and weaving and and and (and drive my brother batty, heeheehee. Fiber addiction is better than some addiction, anyway!)(and besides, I have "extra" looms and wheels and knitting needles and yarn and wool and.....)

Oh, and Jenny - act surprised, OK?? *g*
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