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Previous Entry Updatedness Aug. 18th, 2004 @ 10:57 am Next Entry
Whee! I spent some time this morning updating my webpage - I added some pictures, re-worded some things, and even added a new page.

A lot of people had asked me about the Zoeymonster and our other canine family members....so I figured it was about time they had their own page on the WWW. *g*

For a straight link, go here

The pics are a bit old, though - they were taken in April when Zoey had just arrived. She's grown...a lot....since then.

I also found a link to the bestest site in Texas!!! The Elissa has found a port on the WWW - here (OK, so she's been there for a while, but I just discovered her website yesterday). If you have any interest in maritime history, any love of sailing or naval lore, you have *got* to visit her when you are in Texas. Seriously - she is absolutely awesome. (For those not "in the know", the Elissa is an 1877 iron barque that has been restored to *sea-worthiness*. It's an on-going restoration, but you can visit her and even board her when she's in port. Her sea-trials are usually held in March, and she's usually in port the rest of the time waiting for visitors.)

She is totally alive - it's cool. She's not a reproduction, she's the real thing - her hull is almost all original, as are some of the fittings. If you remember the Statue of Liberty's 100 b-day, the Elissa was there - it was the first time Elissa had seen her; the last time she was in New York was 5 years before Lady Liberty arrived. That puts things in perspective, huh?

I have to laugh - the first time I visited her (in the early '90s), I went down to the captain's quarters...and lost it. I had read *way* too many bodice-rippers involving pirate captains chasing innocent heroines around his ship's cabin.....yeah, right. There's maybe 5 square feet of open space to be chased in. *g*. Guess the author's haven't actually visited a real tallship, huh?

Anyway, if you plan on being in Texas, please consider adding a visit to Galveston Island to your itinerary. She's in Pier 21 (I think; I *know* where she is, but not the pier number) and is a great stop for kids, too.

I need to work more on the sweater, so that's it for now...more later though - I'm bored!
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Date:August 18th, 2004 10:38 am (UTC)
Thank you for the welcome to RAOK! I am really looking forward to participating with the group.
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