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Here comes Santa Claus..

or, the UPS man. *eg* THE wheel has arrived in Mesquite, and is currently sitting in the UPS warehouse. It'll go out on a truck tomorrow....:bounces:

SIL's project is Done, Dyed, and Drying. It kinda fell in the dyepot last night....looks great, came out nice and evenly dyed, and I am impatiently waiting for it to dry fully so I can get a pic of it for my files.

House is clean-ish (if you have kids and dogs, you understand). Just need to mop the floor (today...and again Sunday morning) and it's done. Presents are wrapped, tagged, and under the tree.

The only thing I'm looking for now is a round pen. I should have gone back and moved mine from the old house, was the right decision at the time. :shrug: I'm hoping to replace it cheaply so I can get a Magellean Roadmate or Garmin IQue. :fingers crossed:

I'm planning on taking the kids to the theater tomorrow - Narnia calls. It'll put us in Mesquite, so it won't be a long, boring wait. Plus, I want to see the movie. *eg* Thursday AM we have to deliver presents out towards Ft. Worth, then I will park my butt in my new-to-me spinning chair and get to know my new wheel. If I can throw the dog out of it, that is....
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