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OMG - UPS came, delivered, I went and picked up...and and and....

Here's a shot of the box. It's 25" x 25" x 25".

Let's open it up:

Lots of packing peanuts there. Wonder what's under all of 'em??

Wow - it's like a puzzle. Let's put it together now!

Pictures do NOT do this wheel justice. It's - wow. Just, wow. American chestnut wood, beautiful turnings, PERFECT woodworking.....and she SPINS. Oh, wow - does she spin! Like...buttah. That sounds hokey, but it is Oh, So True.

She's *tiny*, believe it or not. Approximate measurements are : 28" L x 21" W x 30" H. Give or take...and the drive wheel? It's 24", I think....maybe 26". I don't want to pull the wheel off just to measure it. *g*

I'm going to dig thru the stash to find something.....suitable for this wheel. I'm thinking silk. Hand-dyed silk. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....gotta go spin!!
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