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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a much fun as we are!

Our Church had "Little Christmas" last night - Santa made an appearance, and he *knew* what Himself wanted. He then gave Himself a really well made wooden truck "to haul all your Star Wars toys in!". (Of course, the first toy wasn't "a truck - that's a JEEP!", so Santa sent his elf back to grab a Truck. Silly boy!) Herself was gifted a nice fabric doll in a handcrafted cradle (and it really rocks!), and they both got stick horses. Santa rocks!

Must bake cookies today for the jolly ol' elf. Am cleaning the oven right now, though, so it'll be this afternoon.

Right now, I must get back to spinning. Have finished the silk and am moving on to wool (guess I should try plying on her......I'll finish this bobbin of wool then ply the silk I've already spun up. *g*)
Tags: blather, spinning

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