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Notes from the studio...

the excavating is moving apace. The thing about this year's goal, however, is that the studio is not the only room that will end up cleaned and organized. WHAT? you say...well, let me explain.

If you look at the floorplan of my house, you will see that the dining room (which is now the studio) and the living room (studio annex) are basically inter-connected. (The floorplan gives you the basic idea; I added a door to the LR near the bathroom. We also moved the garage door to the side of the house, but that doesn't matter here.) If I had put the same flooring in the entry hall as in the rooms, it would look like 1 big room with 2 sets of small walls.

Anyway, to get the studio neat, I need to move some stuff into the LR (or, annex, as we call it here.) The LR is already home to my comfy chair (need another one), my Scottish wheel, and the formerly-ugly-but-now-awesome dresser (fabric stash). It is also home to my sewing machine and serger. There is currently NO room for the 2 table looms (which need to be moved....I can't walk around my studio because of the crowding due to too many looms).

SO, the sewing machine needs to be shifted...and the only place it can go is in my bedroom. The only problem? There is a treadmill in the only space large enough for the sewing table. I can't move the treadmill until I shift some storage boxes up into the attic, and sort about 1 million pairs of socks. *g* The treadmill will go either to my dad's house (if he can handle the speed of it) or back to my in-law's house - eventually. For now, I need to do the shifting and sorting, then the treadmill can be folded up and put behind the door into my room (I hope).

Then, once all the extraneous stuff is moved, I need to get rid of a bunch of cotton yarns I've been sitting on for..well, forever. Most of it is 3/2 cotton, and I'm thinking of putting on a mixed warp and weaving it all off in one go. Should make for interestingly striped dishtowels, if nothing else! THEN I can move on to other mixed warps and get rid of the other strange yarns I've got taking up space.

As you can see - organizing the studio is an achievable goal...but not a fast or easy one. That's OK, though - it's an all year process, so I can do it as I have time/energy. I'll be hitting the sock pile this afternoon, I think - after my mandatory day-off nap. *eg*

ETA: OK, so there were only 52 pairs of socks in the basket...and another 45 or 50 un-matched ones. My bedroom has been pretty well rearranged, and I spun up another bobbin-full of my autumn sock blend. (only 3 bobbins to go!)
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