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Whee - the hats have all been hits!

I love it when prezzies go good. *g* I talked to my SIL in Kentucky this AM - she got the hat, tore into the package BEFORE Christmas, and wore it until the weather changed. That makes me happy, since I didn't have anything handy to judge the fit.

My other SIL, jennyp5309 tried hers on at the house - it fits! Whee!! And the color was faboo - double whee!! (pictures are forthcoming - they are still in the camera. I need to just sit down and dump them into the PC.)

I'm about 1/2 done with the BIL's black headband. I have already learned a few things from this project: a) I HATE knitting black yarn and b) 3" of 2x2 ribbing sucks. It's BORING. And hard to see the stitches. Ah, well - it'll be done soon, and I can start on something more pleasant. (Like, say....Socks.)

Speaking of socks....I bit my lip this morning and ripped out the lace sock I had started (and gotten 1/2 down the foot! Wah!!!) It just wasn't working for me. It did fit, but...snugly. More snug than I really like. The lace was stretched pretty much, and....I just wasn't happy with it. I'm going to let it simmer for a bit and decide if I want to try lace again, or just plunge in with a plain sock. Decisions, decisions!

I also need to pull out some silver-y Icelandic and get going on that for gypsybaby1.....Hmmm. I may do it in between this batch and the last batch of the sock yarn. In going thru the stash Sunday, I found 1 oz of carded silvery Icelandic that.....I forgot I had. *sheepish grin* I'll spin it up lace weight, ply it, and hope it's enough for her project. If not...I'll have to work up some of the fleece I have. No biggie....I'm just not currently in the mood to card up wool. Rather sit down and spin.
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