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In beginning the excavating of my bedroom (Yes, it really is that bad; No I am not a slob; my room is right off of the kitchen/dining area, so every time someone comes over, all the stuff that's on the table gets tossed into my room. Sometimes, it's put where it belongs later. Other times...well, that's why I'm excavating), I decided to hit the corner behind the door. It should be fast and easy - it's mostly boxes that really need to be moved to the attic.

Guess what I found??? I found another skein of THE SOCK YARN (see the icon - that's the sock!)I spun that I had just enough to do *1* sock...and I couldn't find any more roving. Whee! There looks to be just enough to knit the now I will go thru LJ to see if I was smart enough to put the particulars of the first sock. I'll start the knitting after the goth headband is done, while spinning the FILs alpaca/wool/silk blend yarn at home.

Whee - think I'll go excavate some more - wonder what else I'll find??
Tags: blather, knitting

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