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Why is it...

when I am off work for the day, I do *more* stuff than I do on weekends, even when the kids are gone???

My bedroom is 90% done. Most of the extraneous stuff is gone (that's the other 10%),the treadmill has been moved, the desk has been tidied (still need to do the drawers, but you can't see them so they don't count!), and I need to mop the floor.

I also need to find a spot for the Rubbermaid container of misc. Clan McWalmart yardage for kilts and old garb. Won't fit in my closet (aside: What WAS the architect thinking when he designed my house?? The Master closet is only 5' x 5', which looks humungous until you actually put clothes in it. Granted, I have a closet system in there with a built-in 4 drawer dresser, but where else was I gonna put the underwear and socks????? There is *barely* enough room for *my* in the hell would another adult fit his clothes in there?? - And I *don't* have a lot of clothes!), I don't want to schlepp it up to the attic, and the garage is out because of the recurrent mouse problem. (I live in the country. Mice are part of the 'ambience'. So are large snakes :shudder: and hawks, rabbits, and owls.)

I'll finish the bedroom, then try to take a nap before lunch. Gotta pick up Himself at 1:30, drive to N. Dallas (62 miles 1 way) to the Pulmologist, wait for...oh, probably an hour or so, then drive back home to pick Herself up from the daycare. I figure if I don't get a nap now, I'll be dead by the time we get back home (all that driving in a 2 or 3 hour span....ick!)

And, for my records, my handspun socks (from the Bonkers roving, that I only had enough for 1 sock but I found the rest of the yarn): CO 68 on 4 sz 2 DPNs, then 2x2 rib for....2". Then knit around for 3". Looks like the heel was worked on 34 stitches. Rest of sock as normal. (I couldn't find my notes, which is bad....must try to post them here as I do socks so I won't lose them! I did find the orphaned sock, though, they are, reconstructed.)
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