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Busy busy busy...

Got tons 'o work to do today; worse because I was off yesterday. (Oh, the boy's dr. appt was FANTASTIC - they said he did "Fab-U-Lous!" and his scores were off the chart. His pulmologist wants them to be 85+; *his* scores were *95* - **116**. If he continues to do this well, he'll be off all meds except Zyrtec by March. Whee Haw!)

I CO for my sock. Looks good - it won't be identical to the "orphan" one, but that's ok. I like fraternal socks.

So, finished my portion of the contract work, then started in on Our month-end stuff (for *2* months...since Dec. kinda got shoved aside due to funerals and stuff.) Got the first month done there - now get to start on October's production. Argh.

Bedroom is 95% done. Just need to mop and clear out 1 rubbermaid tub, 1 laundry basket, and 1 (small. very small) cardboard box. Then move in the sewing stuff and it's DONE. Whew.

That'll also make the Living Room done. I can then move the 2 table looms in, which will clear up most of the congestion in the studio. I also need to get rid of some stuff.... That might wait a bit, though...I plan on spinning tomorrow in honor of Rock Day. *eg*

I need to take a few minutes and head over to Interweave...I want to see if there are any guilds close to me. Dallas is just a bit too far to make monthly meetings.. *sigh*
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