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Bow before my Garage-sale fu!

OK, a little backstory first: Steve (late DH) was THE garage sale King. All I had to do was mention I wanted something, and give him a few weeks, and he'd find it at a garage/estate sale. Usually for under $20. Like, the wood-turning lathe he found (Craftsman, 25 years old) for $15 (worked great!) or the polishing wheel (also Craftsman; same sale) for $5. Or the time he found a LOOM (and bought it) for me...for $250 (this was a 4H/4T Harrisville, with 25 pounds of wool yarn, a ball winder, a bobbin winder, 15 pounds of cotton yarns, and various magazines and books, and some miscellaneous knitting machine parts). He was GOOD. Well, so am *eg*

Sears finally sent my rebate check from the freezer, since the living room was *empty* (Yes, I moved the sewing table and machines last night. Don't yell - I didn't hurt myself too much! It *had* to be done, right then. Honest!),and I now had $55, I decided I needed to hit the thrift stores and pick up a loveseat or another chair.

We hit 3 stores...none of them had anything remotely suitable. *sigh* So, on the way back to G'ma's house (she has a truck; I don't) I saw a Garage Sale sign. Do I feel lucky? Why, Yes, yes I do!

Paydirt! He had 2 sofas: a brown one with attached recliner, and a blue Early-Americanish one that needed a leg. The brown one was.....$7.50, the blue one $5.00. What to do, what to do??

We decided that the brown one would be too hard to manuever into the house. (It was Big and Heavy looking). I ran to the grocery store to use the ATM, then we picked up Mom's truck, and back we went.

The sofa is now in the living room. Looks good - my chair doesn't really fit where I have it now,'ll work. I need to replace the legs on the couch (it only has 3), but the local hardware store doesn't have any, nor does the local furniture store (a 1 pint can of paint works perfectly!) I've hit it with Odo-ban, and it looks nice. I'll hit Ebay next to get it and the chair matching slipcovers.

Of course, this means that there is not quite enough room for both looms now....*eg* I'll contemplate that for a bit. I have all year to get the studio done, right? *eg*
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