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Magic surprised me this morning with a small, perfectly formed little bay stud colt. (That makes 3 for 3 (1 died)....Dusty's NEVER given us any boys before. Wonder what's in the grass here??)

I freaked this AM - I saw her, with the placenta hanging, but no baby. Didn't see anything in the I was bracing myself. I tossed food at her, then the other 2 girls, and went to feed the (impatiently waiting) boys....there, in the alley between the 2 pastures, was a wee little foal. Very weak - his ears were still wet! I *think* I fed all 3 boys, but am not sure - I tossed the buckets down and went to check on the baby.

He was shivering (it was 52* at 6:30 AM), and couldn't stand. I ran into the house, grabbed a jacket, a lead rope, and ran back out. Put the jacket on baby and got him up for a minute; when he flopped back down I grabbed Magic and led her to the roundpen. She was fine until we rounded the house (the pen is in the front yard) - then she started calling. I went back, picked him up, and carried him to her.

She calmed down and sniffed him - he did look strange in a purple nylon jacket - then wouldn't stand still for him to try and figure out the whole breakfast bar thing. So, I tied her up and carried him to her. He finally figured it out....then a few minutes later struggled to his feet and wobbled over to her side. (He was VERY new - I'm guessing less than 30 minutes at that point)

He's finally got this whole leg thing almost figured out. She'll let him nurse - which I was worried about. (Did I mention she's a bitch? Well, she is.) He's currently zonked out in the hay, wearing the latest in baby horse fashions - a wool plaid blanket I whipped up really quick. It's currently 74* - soon as it hits 80*, I'll pull it off and line it with fleece for tonight. Sometimes the nights drop down to almost freezing.

I didn't plan on a January baby. I don't like January babies. But, he's here and I am trying to keep him healthy.

My vet has NOT called me back yet - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'll try him again in a few minutes.

I'll get pics later! (The icon is Finn, now almost 10 months old!)
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