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We got into a political discussion on one of my fiber lists, and it brought up a few things I want to get off of my chest.

First off, I keep hearing that GW Bush "stole" the election. OK, so someone please explain that one to me. I understand the electoral college voted for Gore, but the people voted for Bush. It's happened at least once before, if I remember my history, so there's precendent. In all of the recounts, Gore *lost* How did Bush "steal" the election? Small words, please, so I can understand.

2nd, Congress *voted* to go to war. I remember the announcement on the news - it got like 5 minutes of coverage then was never mentioned again. The President did not go to war without Congressional approval. He didn't just *decided* to send the troops over there, he followed procedure. I don't agree with the war, but hey, we're there, we need to support our troops if nothing else.

3rd, the lack of WMD being found. Ummm, yeah. If you call me up and tell me that the Health department is going to come to my house to check it out before fining me for unsanitary living conditions, and oh, BTW, is Wed. at 10 AM good for you? No, OK, how about 11 AM? Great!...what the hell do you think I'm gonna do? I'll spend the time between now and Wed. cleaning, ya think? That's what the inspection team did in Iraq. I mean, come on, they told Saddam when and where they were going to show up. If they really intended to find the WMD, they should have just shown up period...not given him plenty of warning. I mean, *he* got to pick the time and place of each don't think he would have moved the stuff around?

And what about all the nuclear stuff he was doing? The last report I heard (last night on Frontline, in fact) was that he was less then 6 months away from have nuclear weapons, using the same technology we used to bomb Hiroshima. This isn't a problem????

We also got into a discussion of respect, or lack of, for the office if not the person, and most of the respondants said that since they have no respect for the President, they don't respect the office, either. Ummm, what about Kennedy and his womanizing? Nixon? LBJ - don't even get me started *there*. Clinton?? Good grief, Clinton was *impeached* and people still respected him!

I don't necessarily *like* Bush, but I don't hate him. I think he has handled the situation badly, but not catastropically...Gore, I think, would have been *much* worse. I don't know all the information the White House has/had on the terrorist attacks...maybe there was just cause to go into Iraq. I do believe Saddam needed to be removed. Did he have some connection to 9/11? I haven't a clue, but feel that he probably did. It doesn't matter - the decision was made (by Congress, no less) and we are there, so we have to live with it.

As for the terror threat on election day....nah. Not on election day itself, in my opinion. If Bush is re-elected, we might not have an incident, since he has proven he *will* strike back. If Kerry is elected, I expect an attack. The terrorists will want to test him...and I quake at the consequences.

I'm tired of being a minority - I won't participate in Bush-bashing. Again, I'm not necessarily pro-Bush, but I'm not anti-Bush either. I just wish people would quit forcing their views on me, then not allow me to respond with my views without bashing *me*.

Ah, goes on.
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