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Previous Entry blah, blah, blah,.... Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 08:43 am Next Entry

It's been a busy week. Monday, my mother and a friend of my (daycare lady, for those who care about these things *g*) managed to load and haul Magic and Puff to the vet. Puff passed with flying colors (and there were lots of "OH! He's SOOOOOOOOO Cute!" comments); Magic was deemed "OK", then flushed (whee!) and sent home with shot orders (15 cc penicillian every night.) My vet deigned to help load 'em back up....and they made it home safely.

They are now happily ensconced in the round pen; Magic is standing around wincing every time Puff gets hungry and Puff has discovered how his feet work. Mostly. We can run, now, and hop...but bucking and rearing are still not quite possible. It's hard to stand on 2 legs when they want to wobble in opposite directions. *eg*

I managed to get a halter on him Monday night. He was napping, so I snuck up and slapped it on him, then jumped back. He lay there a minute, befuzzled, then got his back legs under him, and up...but his head weighed too much to get his nose off the ground. *g* He knelt there for a few minutes, confused, then finally remembered how to get the front legs unfolded. Much head shaking and tipping over occured. He did, finally, figure out that he could still run with that...THING on his head.

(Oh, and someone asked me WHY I would put a halter on such a little baby. Well....because I don't like pain. See, he's small NOW. In...a week, say, he won't be quite so small, and he'll be pretty set in his "I'm a horse, and I'm fast, and I can Buck!" ways. Now - he can't buck (he falls over) he can't rear (ditto) and he's small enough I can pin him between my arm and leg to hold him while I'm haltering him. He'll be used to it pretty soon, and I won't have to fight him later. Maybe. But even so, it'll be easier since I've already done it.)

Work has been wild. Monday was spent with the financial advisor - he and I got into a rip-roaring arguement over how QuickBooks works. What he said *he* could do is impossible...and when he tried to prove me wrong he screwed up the system. *eg* I *told* him not to mess with me, as I was strong in QB customizing, but he wouldn't listen. (Excerpt: He kept saying he wanted a sub-*class*, but went in and set up a sub-*account*. 2 totally different things. *sigh*)Grrrr. I was able to get him a report styled the way he said he wanted it (with help from my co-worker...basically, I enter the stuff normally, copy it to a disk, put it on her PC, she goes in and CHANGES the class on the wells, then prints his report. It's the only way it'll do what he wants it to do, without listing the wells separately. Oh, and for IRS purposes, we HAVE to keep the wells separate.) He took 1 look at it yesterday, and said, well, that's not really what I meant. I did not commit murder. 'nuff said.

Yesterday was lunch with Mrs. Boss - she went out of town last week, and we picked up her mail and watched the house. No biggie, but she wanted to thank us. Mainstream Fish House was fabuloso! The shrimp...ahhhh, almost as good as Guido's!. Then, just as we got back to the office, the Financial Advisor called...there is to be a conference call with the bank, and he figured he'd just come up to the office for it. Oh, and should he call Mrs. Boss? Ummm, yeah - she DOES own the company now, and should be involved with any decision making. So, he comes up, then calls her - she gets here right as the call is being placed. It was mostly tax stuff - *I* didn't understand any of it, so I know she didn't either - but at least she feels like she's involved.

We meet with the bank on Thursday for the beneficiaries meeting. The letter they sent me was *very* unprofessional - it was bad. Mr. Boss would have almost fired me if I ever let anything like that go out of our office. I don't have a lot of confidence in these people.....

And, totally to change the subject: Hand-knitting with handspun is The Best. Weaving is, too - but I'm knitting sock #2 now, and it's going pretty fast. The ribbing is done, and I'm 1" into the leg (and I'm only knitting before work! O-o) It's going fast, and I like it. The yarn still feels gross (it's all the synthetics in it), but the resulting fabric is neat looking and feels like it will wear well. (Approx. sport weight on size 2s)

Oh - and I need someone to create me an icon...it involves either Yoda or Obi-Wan (actually, I'd like 1 of each)...and a drop spindle and/or knitting. Anyone wanna take a stab at it? *g*

Must try to catch up on the work that's been ignored over the past 2 days.
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spin a yarn
Date:January 11th, 2006 05:39 pm (UTC)
I always call my daughter over to read your posts when you have a new horse/foal story. We are enjoying them very much. do your kids ride any of these horses?
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Date:January 11th, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)
Well, sort of. The pony is kid safe, but blind, so I won't let them ride him off lead. Dusty is kid safe, but big (to them), so *they* won't ride off lead.

I'm hoping to get Erynne broke this year (she's short! *g*) so they can ride her. Then I'll work on Moonie (tall...very tall) who is broke, but slightly green, and we'll have 3 horses that are ridable.

Magic is...well, Magic. She's been a grump most of her life, and I'm not sure I'd trust her with inexperienced riders. Foaling may have changed that...we'll see. Plus, I'm considering re-breeding her (Not to Dusty, though - to a lovely Chestnut named Ralvon's Valor. He's Ralvon Elijah's son, and OMG gorgeous. And "local". And I still have breeding options on him! *squeeeeeeeeeee*!)(can't find the website here - if you look for "Boardman Arabians", you'll see him)


Basically, the kids just sit and play on horseback. This is good - they don't have any bad habits (yet). This spring I hope to get cracking on lessons and stuff....depends on the work situation.
(spin a yarn)
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