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Is it the weekend yet?

Whew! I got up at 4 AM and haven't stopped moving since. I started doing some maintenance on my website (not stuff ya'll can see - this is stuff to make it easier on me to find photos and stuff. Uploading all this is gonna Am glad we have DSL at work!), then it was feed the kids/horses/me, shower, and run to the ONLY feed store in this geographical area (seriously, I called *8* feed stores yesterday!) that carries this particular brand and type of feed. They're not too distant - just 28 miles - but still. (I didn't think to call "my" feed mill - they're further from me, but closer to my co-worker. I'm at her house every day....*snerk*) Picked up 12 bags (600 pounds) - it should, hopefully, last me 12 days. We'll see.

The interesting thing? I spent $78 on this stuff...I usually spend $60 on the stuff I was getting, for 400 pounds. Now, the former feed would last me almost a full month, and this stuff won't...but *still*.

Now, why am I *happy* about the increased feed price? Simple: Hay is no longer a necessity on this diet. (Yeah, that confused me too..) See, a few years ago, Purina came out with this stuff called "One and Only" and touted it as being a "total" feed - no hay required. I thought, yeah, right, and went right on doing the same thing I'd always done: feeding sweetfeed/oats and hay, 2x a day.

Cut to NOW. Hay prices are thru the roof - A few years ago, I was outraged if square bales were going for $4+; or if round bales were over $30. Now? I'm lucky to find square bales under $9 and round bales under $90. (Good ones, I mean - the last 2 I bought were last year's hay, for $55, but they barely lasted 6 days.) It's killing me financially....and it's only going to get worse. Especially since there's no rain forecasted from now until APRIL.

I just paid $8.75/each for 4 square bales. Normally, I'd be feeding 1 flake per horse per feeding...or 12 flakes (that's about 1 bale) per day. Now? I'm feeding 1 flake per horse per day. (Except Magic - she gets 2 a day, because of Puff.) (And, normally a round bale would last me all month - 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls. 2 per month isn't bad..and I don't have to cart the hay to them.) It's getting grim, folks - people are selling their horses off at meat prices, because they can't afford to feed them. *sigh*

So, we'll try this "new" way of feeding. This stuff is pelleted, with lots and lots of fiber (that's all hay is, anyway: Fiber. Sweet feed averages 8% fiber; this new stuff is 25%!!) - here's hoping!

While we were out, we hit the Russell Stover Outlet. BAD idea. Really...while their regular chocolate has a very bitter taste to me, their sugar-free stuff rocks. It's like crack....I can't eat just 1. Today they were having a 25% off sale on all their case lots......$28 later, I made it out...with probably.................10 pounds of sugar free candies. *gulp* It's all pretty low carb, too...I am in trouble, aren't I? *g*

Current favorite? The low-carb chocolate covered peanuts, or the chocolate/carmel peanut clusters, or the pecan delights. Wow......they aren't bad at all. And they're not that bad for me! And...NO sugar. My kids can eat it and not bounce off the walls!

Now...if only Bissinger's sold individually-wrapped sugar-free chocolates, I'd be in heaven! (Gotta keep the candy jar filled, or the kids revolt.)
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