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Saturday, Part the Second...

So, I went in for my mandatory nap...and my Dad came over. No biggie; I helped him do some stuff for his Kiwani's group, then we headed out to Home Despot for legs for the garage sale sofa (hereinafter referred to as "the dog's sofa", since it IS theirs, after all.)

HD sucks, but we all knew that. The legs are nice, but 5", not 4", and the screws weren't long enough. *sigh* We didn't know that at the time, I bought 4 of them, and headed to the small hardware store Next Door for feeders for the horsies.

Went home, then "installed" the feeders. They are simply rubber pans; to keep my idiotic equines from sailing them around the pasture I bolted them to the ground. (8" bolts. Thru the feeder and the ground. I am smart - I used a drill first. *eg*)

The new feed is awesome - 2 hours after supper, the horses are still noshing. BIG pellets, very crunchy. VERY Heavy.....I am going to be building up my muscles!

Am at the point of turning the heel....must go do that. It's calling me...
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