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It's Monday...


Previous Entry It's Monday... Jan. 23rd, 2006 @ 08:53 am Next Entry
and I'm *glad* to be back at work. (See last week's entry on the weekend....but double it for this weekend.)

Let's see...Saturday was "force the kids to clean their rooms" day. Me? I did the Studio Annex (formerly the "Living Room"), the Family Room (aka "Toy Store annex), the kitchen and the dining area. I then sat and spun up the last of the Autumn singles, while telling the kids that whining wouldn't change things, and no, it wasn't appropriate to shove the stuff under the beds, and No, I wouldn't change the rules now.

I then plied up the autumn blend - I did all of as a simple 4-ply. I was going to do 1 4-ply, and 1 4-ply cable....but didn't think I had enough of the first one for a complete pair of socks..so there ya go.

It then started raining. (I had to go look it up - what DO you call it when water starts inexplicably falling from the sky? Weird. *eg*) (This is important later. Really - take notes!)

I finished plying all the singles, then washed the yarn and fwapped it against the bathtub walls to make it bloom. It's Lovely. (Pics will be forthcoming!)

Oh, and sometime Saturday afternoon, Herself and I went out and fixed the fence (again) to prep it for moving Puffer and Magic out of the round pen. She was actually a lot of help. (Yes, I'm surprised!) Himself stayed in the house, watching.....some Star Wars movie or another. I can't keep track of which one is playing...they've all run together. (Any minute now I'll start quoting them...shoot me. Shoot me now!)

Sunday....ah, Rainy Sunday. Did church - it was potluck Sunday; I brought chili and took home a licked clean, spotless pot. Came home and decided to move Magic and Puff into the pasture with the other girls. This would have been ok, if a) it was DRY; b)the other girls hadn't planned a jail break and c) it hadn't been raining. Let's just say that I got a nice, spa-worthy mud bath and call it good, 'k? Everybody's fine - wet, muddy, but fine. (The kids were watching, ironically, Singing in the Rain.)

Spent the rest of the evening listening to Phantom of the Opera on CD (gotta get a copy of the latest movie edition - the kids LOVE the music, and wanna *see* it. :insert happy dance:)

Socks: I CO for my Autumn socks Sunday morning before church. (Size 3 DPNs; CO 52 (12/14/12/14), 2x2 for 2", K for 6") I LOVE the way they are turning out - the fabric looks like what I had in mind when I started dyeing the wool - very woodsy, very "fallen leaf in the forest floor" looking. I'm done with the ribbing and am about 1" into the leg - the yarn is approximately sport-weight, and is knitting up pretty fast on the size 3s. Nice, cushy fabric - not bullet proof (a la AS *g*), not sleazy - just about right.

This is mindless knitting - no pattern, no cables, no lace, just straight knit. I like it - if I have enough yarn (and I might....we'll see), I'll make another pair, but with a cable or lace pattern. We'll see how it goes...
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Date:January 23rd, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah - the sock bug has bitten me pretty hard.

I have a sock machine - but it doesn't like handspun. I've got a drawer full of commercial yarn socks from it...but the handspun ones rock. Sooooooooooooo much nicer - even than the *really* nice sock yarns - and they make me happy. *g*

I gotta get some pictures of this - it's yummy. I just want to roll around in the yarn.
Date:January 24th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
WEll at least your skin is nice and soft from the mud bath right?heheh
I need to get an original broadway version of Phantom. I have the Toronto version and the one guy is also in my Les Mis CD and I keep wondering why ValJean is the Phantom! We decided that is what he was doing in the 'missing years' between prison and becoming govener..heheeh

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Date:January 24th, 2006 02:30 pm (UTC)
*g* Yeah, my skin is all nice and glow-y now. *g*

I found a copy of the theatrical release on Ebay...I think I'll get that one, to start with - just so the kids can *see* it. Of course, then I got sidetracked...I've now got Wicked, Les Miserables, and .... something else on my watch list. *sigh* I'm such a musical junkie......
(spin a yarn)
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