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The chocolate attempted a coup...

but was stopped by the unflinching courage of the Zoey-monster. *sigh*

Remember the raid I made on Russel Stover's 2 weekends ago? Where we stocked up on about 10 pounds of sugar-free goodness? Most of it chocolate, or chocolate covered stuff? Yeah,'s all gone. *sob*

See, I guess the candy decided the time had come to cast off the evil human overlords. Zoey, being ever vigilant, decided to take action and defend her home from the evil plots the chocolate was formulating. (And don't forget the evil mastermind - the Gummi Bears! Steeped in diabolical plans, they forged an alliance with the chocolate covered caramel nips...)..they put up a good fight, but, ultimately, good triumphs over evil and the chocolate rebellion of 2006 has been quashed.

*big sigh* About 9 pounds of candy (yeah...we'd been eating on it, but GEEZ - we hadn't eaten *that* much of it.) is GONE. She ate an almost full case of the Carb Watch chocolate covered peanuts, 2 unopened packages of gummi bears, 1 unopened package of caramel nips, 1 unopened package of the RS version of peanut m&m's, 1 unidentified package (there wasn't enough left for me to see *what* it was....and I can't remember what all I bought) 2 apples. I think she also got into the candy jar, since the lid was off and it looks suspiciously less full. (I put all the individually wrapped candies in the jar so the kids have full access - the packaged stuff is kept in a box at the *very* back of the counter.)

She was (not) surprisingly Un-hungry last night......silly dawg. She's fine - no apparant stomachache, no runny ick....just a full belly and horrid burps. I guess Irish Wolfhound's really do have cast-iron stomachs! (And, umm, yeah - chocolate is *supposed* to be fatal to dogs...this is the 3rd or 4th time she's raided the candy jar. Not to mention the 1 pound slab of baking chocolate she ate last year.)

And, yeah - it was Her and not one of the Pyrs - the Pyrs can't *see* the top of the counter, and can't reach the back of it when they stand up. Her? She constantly surveys the countertops/bar/kitchen table for edibles/possible terrorist activity. She doesn't even need to stand up on her hind legs to reach the sink......

Anyway, we are planning to raid Russel Stover's again this weekend...and I think I need to keep the "loose" stuff on the top of the refrigerator. The jury's still out on where the candy jar needs to be moved to - I want it accessible to the kids so I don't have to constantly dole out the goods. *sigh*
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