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Why is it...

that knitting with handspun goes SO much faster than knitting with commercial yarn?

I am 1/2" away from turning the heel. I started this sock Sunday morning, didn't knit in church, took a nap, moved the horses....then didn't knit hardly at all yesterday (busy busy busy at work right now) or today. Call it.....3.5 hours max actually knitting.

I need to get pictures....maybe tomorrow. (It's too dark now.....)I love the way it's looking - and it feels wonderful. Just like a nice cushy boot-type sock should feel.

Ah, well - on to the knitting. I've only got a few minutes, though - Nova is coming on, and it's based in Scotland tonight. Not much knitting will happen *there* - I'll be kilt-watching. *eg*
Tags: knitting, socks

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