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I'm done with the gusset and am barrelling down the foot of Autumn sock #1. It's looking good; it fits nicely and feels *heavenly*. It's definately a boot-type sock - nice and cushy and.......solid feeling.

I have to agree with the comments on my last entry - I think handspun knitting goes so much faster because of the personal relationship I have with the yarn. It's such a kick seeing how the finished product looks compared to the "vision" in my head.

Now, about this yarn.......I like it. I turned out like I envisioned...except that the Rambo I used was, unknown to me, tippy. (It was a gift fleece - one of my ST sisters sent me a big box of fibery goodness after I posted a humorous post about my DH not allowing me any stash enhancement, because he had spent all the spare cash on a new firearm. *g* Her DH was complaining about the lack of room in their house. *vbg*)

The first 2.5 singles I took the time to labourously pick out the neps and noils. (I flicked the fleece before dyeing (it came to me prewashed), and got rid of a lot of stuff there)...but the last 1.5 I said "the hell with it!" and barrelled thru. The neps add texture to the sock.....but it's not exactly what I had in mind when I plunked the fleece in the dyepots. It's a little more "rustic" than I prefer, but it's nice and it will look nice in my Birks. *g*

I'm already planning my next handspun socks...I scored some nice rovings off of 2 "winter-type" colorways. I'll spin each separately, ply them together, and see what falls off of the needles. Then it's on to Spring and Summer socks (yeah, so I've got a theme going. Leave me alone! *eg*) "Spring" will be pastel colors - maybe a Fair-isle type thing. "Summer" - ahhh, summer will be an entrelac sock, in eye-poppingly bright colors: screaming red/bright yellow/orange/sky blue/grass green...and whatever else I get in the mood to throw in there.

I did get a learn how to do socks on 2 circs. We'll see......then I want to learn to knit continental, to make fair-isle easier.

Ah, well - back to work!
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