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Ugh....I hate being sick...

even if I do get stuff done!

Today was me-stay-at-home-but-send-the-kids-to-church day. I took a nice long nap, then sat at the Scottish wheel and ripped out this:

In fact, I now have 2.5 bobbins of it. *g* It's a blend I got from Autumn House Farm...oh, 4 or 5 years ago. Pencil roving, and spins like *butta*! Easy peasy stuff, looks great - this will be plyed and entered in the fair, then knit into my FIL's (late) Christmas present. Hmmm...I might get the tam knit before the fair, and can enter both a skein *and* a FO. Must ponder....

Am also at the flap of the sock. Might get to the turning point tonight..but I won't even attempt to turn it until tomorrow. Too wonky on cold meds. *eg* *This* sock is going much faster - probably because I am home with nothing much to do. *shrug* Whatever works.....

Back to the sock!
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