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I *hate* knitting socks on 2 circs...

I really, really do. I've given it 4" (of "drunken ribbing", no less - 4" of plain ol' 2x2 would have driven me bonkers! Umm, so yeah, I've pretty much thrown the pattern out the window.), and I still *hate* it.

Fortunately for me, this pair is intended for Himself - 5 year old feet aren't that big. *g* See, I had thought, yesterday, to give them to Herself....but.

Last night I got my copy of the Phantom of the Opera (DVD). The kids were *ecstatic* - we had to hurry home, snarf our food, and put it IN. NOW. :glee: I plopped down on the couch (I've seen the stage version 3x, so I kept up with a running commentary) with the knitting from hell, Himself plopped down next to me and put his head in my lap; Herself plopped down on the loveseat and we all vegged out for 2+ hours.

An aside: the movie was surprisingly good. It pretty much stayed with the stage play (oh, there were some the murder of the stagehand that is handled OFFSTAGE and with a quick shadow of the body onstage - the movie showed it *right*there*); they moved some things around, added some scenes to really explain things - but all in all, it was pretty good. The kids enjoyed it, and I think I may have saved myself $250 this Spring...since I think we might be able to safely skip the production at this year's Musicals.

Anyway....I got about 3" done, looked over at Herself...and decided to try it on Himself first. It fit almost he gets some blue and purple drunken ribbed tube socks.

Herself? I have a *ton* of brightly colored, radioactive sock yarns stashed - I will go rummage thru the stash soon and start a pair for her. Probably on the CSM; it'll go faster that way and she can wear hers immediately. He'll have to be patient. *eg* Besides, I've given her a couple of my pairs that didn't fit quite right, so she's good to go in the socks department.

I will finish this pair on the circs...but my next pair will be on good ol' DPNs. I must admit, I'm fighting the urge to pull out my 12" Addi Turbo size 5 circ......1 needle would go SO MUCH faster than this setup! :grumble, grumble:
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