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Previous Entry TGIF! Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 11:00 am Next Entry
So, first of all: I caved. The sock is now on 1 Addi Turbo. It's going SO much faster - it took me 2 days of intermittant knitting to do 6"....in (I am NOT making this up, folks) 2 hours of intermittent knitting (you know - boot up the PC (knitknit), sign on (knitknit), fix dinner for the kids (knitknit) that sort of stuff) I've done another 3". o_O

Warning: Rant ahead!!! The IRS refund hit today. I called PENGUIN POOLS (phone # to be provided upon request) to see about their current ad in the Texas Co-Op Power magazine: a 15' x 24' A/G pool, *with* deck, for $835 plus installation. I told them I had cash in hand; I told them I was going to buy a pool this weekend..so let's talk. They said "Yes. We must run a credit check." WTF??? I said "Ummm. No - I have cash. I can go to your office this evening or tomorrow AM and PAY YOU INSTANTLY. You know, CASH?" "No." he said. "It's against company policy to sell a pool without approved credit."

I got a little testy: "Oh. SO.....you're refusing to take CASH. Ummm. OK. Sunshine pools will be -" Rat Bastard HUNG UP ON ME.

The Attorney General's office was not happy to hear that...but they don't do anything. The BBB won't take a complaint because I don't have a local # or physical address (just a 1-800 #. Want it?? *eg*)

I then called Alamo Leisure in Arlington (about....40 miles from me) and bought a pool from them. Over the phone. With Paypal. (Told the bastard I was going to buy a pool, like, NOW.) (They're on Ebay. Price was....yeah, higher, but they are very nice - and I am getting a salt system so I don't have to buy chlorine tablets. And a sand filter. No deck...but that's OK. They include a power vacuum, too. (I forgot to ask if it was red.....*vbeg*) Installation will only be another $675...so I feel pretty good about it. (Sunshine would have been HAPPY to take my money - but they were the same price, and installion would have been - OMG - $1175. OUCH. Very nice salesman, though!)

*big sigh* End rant....

Oh, and Himself needs an eye exam. The school did it, and he came out at 20/60 and 20/80. I'm a little worse...but Still. The "local" eye doc can't see us (because I need new lenses) until the 18th...so I need to do some calling and try to get in sooner.

And I only thought I wanted a GPS. *bigger sigh* Ah, well - at least I kept my promise to the kids!
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spin a yarn
Date:February 3rd, 2006 08:48 pm (UTC)

Penguin Pools

Verna, if I were you, I would call Penguin Pools back and ask the person who answers their phone for their address. (You don't know why, your boss just told you to get their mailing address.) Then I would write a letter to the Director of Operations and cc the Sales Manager detailing what happened. Include the number you called and the date and time of your call and the pinhead-you-spoke-to's name, if you know it. Send the letter to both, certified mail. You'll at least know someone will pay attention. I am surprised that Alamo Leisure wouldn't match a competitors advertised price. Did you ask? Kim
Date:February 4th, 2006 04:18 am (UTC)

Eye Doctors

Have you got my eye doc? I can't see him until the 20th.
I SO need a new prescription.. These glasses SUCK.
(And we've yet to find lenses that don't make my right eye itch, so I've given up).
Date:February 4th, 2006 01:26 pm (UTC)


I would soooo call them back and ask if they work on commission..
I would get a local number for them and then send it into the BBB
That is just ridiculous!


I will send my yarn pirate after them..

(spin a yarn)
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