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Hmmmm.....meandering thoughts

Bored at work today - co-worker is at Mrs. Boss's house helping her clean out the closets. (.............) - Yeah. Like, that's in our job descriptions! *sigh*

I've been fighting the weaving bug. I need to get both wheels cleaned off, the yarn skeined, washed and blocked for the fair...but I am thinking weaving thoughts and planning projects. The problem? I still have at least 3 yards to go on the never-ending dishtowel warp.

The pattern is nice, not spectacular, but nice - I was playing around with WinWeave, and decided to go ahead and weave it (It's a Huck variation/combination). I got ambitious - wound...oh, at least 10 yards (I can't honestly remember if it was more or not - I know it's at least 10) of 8/2 cotton and decided each towel would be the same treadling, but with different wefts.

*Yawn* B-O-R-I-N-G. On a jack loom, I'd have no qualms with changing the tie up and going to town...on this countermarche? I really don't wanna.

I need to just buckle down and Weave. But the wheels keep seducing me - I have my FIL's tam yarn on the Castle wheel, and some tweedy sock blend on the Norwegian...and some *gorgeous* winter-y roving sitting on the woven portion of the warp that is *screaming* my name.

Must. Finish. the. Tam. Yarn. *Then* I can weave. (Any bets on if I can hold out? *g*) I have 1 handspun scarf I need to weave (for a charity auction....need to get that done!)..then I can start on 2006 Christmas gifts (yes, I start planning Now. The actual weaving....probably won't start until, oh, November. The 27th. Or so. *g*)

Hmmm, wonder if winding a few warps will help me focus on the spinning.....*snerk* More than likely, I'll end up tossing the remainder of the dishtowel warp and diving into something new...and ending up rushing the spinning of the tam yarn the weekend before the entries are due at the fairgrounds.

Oh, and for those that like formulas to figure out maths - here's a yarn calculator that figures the requirements for *your* next weaving project:

Seems to be pretty good! (And this is why I am having weaving withdrawal...I played with it a bit too much yesterday afternoon, I think...)
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