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OK, so I just sent off the entries to the county fair..for 6 skeins of handspun yarn, 2 woven items from me, 1 woven item from Himself, and 1 drawing from Herself. All for the whopping big entry fee of $10.

Guess I really need to finish spinning all the skeins, huh? *g* Actually, I'm almost done. I decided not to enter the sock yarn I'm working on (or the next batch, either); I just need to ply the tam yarn (OH, and gypsybaby1, I am going to ply your Icelandic with some silk sewing thread. I'm just afraid that the unfamiliar-with-handspun judges might mistreat the singles and cause a severe twist failure. Or something. *g* It shouldn't affect the grist at all - just add a bit of shiny to it.), wash all the skeins, and we're good to go.

If I can get a yarn blocker quickly, I'll block them as well. Wonder if the clock reel can double as a blocker? Must experiement with this.....

I also did Not enter any hand knits - my socks I won't let out of my sweaty hands, and I didn't want to rush the tam. No pressure = happy fiberaddict and family! (The hats/tams/mittens I have are all...well, they've been worn. My tam got something spilled on it that discolored 1 area - and I'm NOT going to do anything drastic to my handspun dragonhair yarn! Himself's hat...he's a boy. He's 5.5. Need I say more? Ditto on his mittens. Herself....she uses her (fair-isle, very time consuming knitting for me!) hat to......carry stuff around in. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Maybe next year!

Off to list my huge horizontal warping mill on the Housecleaning pages - I love it, but it's just too big for my space. Gotta find a smaller version.
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