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Finished another pair of socks!

Himself's tube socks are done, done DONE. (I really need to get the website updated with all these socks and stuff. *sigh* Maybe next week...)Whee! It was an interesting experiment, but it's one I will probably NOT repeat....DPNs are good enough for me!

I've....umm...already started the next pair. *g* (What - me sock obsessed?? Whatever gave you that idea?). It's the "diamond patch socks" from Heartland Knits, in a very bright, very wild colorway (called, incidentally, "Party"). I won it off Ebay (it was cheaper there than on her website, which surprised me)...and I'm impressed with the pattern. The written instructions seem pretty clear (I'm not sure on the CO for the first 4 squares, but my usual long-tail CO seems to be OK.) and the charts are easy to read and easy to keep up with. We'll see how I feel about it the further into it I get.

I'm not impressed with the size 1 needles I have to use..but oh, well. The pattern is interesting - you start out at the toe, and you start out on straights knitting 4 mitered squares (thanks be I have a pair of size 1 straights!). I have the first square done, and have CO the second..this should be interesting.

*If* this sock fits me (it should - I am Dead on with my gauge) and *if* it doesn't drive me round the bend (picking up all those stitches in between the diamonds.......), then I will probably use this pattern for my "Spring" socks....I'm thinking each "row" of diamonds in a different "spring-y" pastel (acheived with EE dyes, plyed on themselves to keep the colors clear), separated by a row of bright green diamonds. We'll see...gotta buy the wool, first, *then* I have to spin it.....and I have the "winter" blends to do before *that*. (What? No, no - I'm NOT obsessed. I have no idea where you get that...)

We're planning on hitting Jo-Ann's at lunch - I'd like to get a new set of #1 DPNs, (bamboo if they have them - LOVE my bamboo needles!) and some Valentine's stuff for the kids. The 2 40% off coupons don't figure into this at all, of course....*g*

Back to square #2 ('s pretty slow right now. It'll pick up again next week!)
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