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Previous Entry I am with Pool... Feb. 14th, 2006 @ 06:56 pm Next Entry
and Holy *CRAP* is it huge! I mean, I knew 24' was big...but wowza! There is *just* enough room to pull a truck in between the pool and the backyard fence - with maybe 2' to spare. Forget about trying to haul a trailer thru!

We need to pray for rain - I can't fill it up right now due to the drought. I have the hose on low because the lady I bought it from told me to put in at least 1 foot of water...we are at *maybe* 4" now. The hose has been running for...oh, 2 hours or so on full (and we had 2 hoses going at the same time!)and will let it run (on low) all night. Can't wait for warmer weather (for real, instead of 70* days and 30* nights) so we can swim!

My sock has a heel. I am back to mitering squares on the leg - hopefully I can do the ribbing by Saturday, and start on the toe Sunday. We'll see.

Speaking of the heel - why is it that I can kitchener the toes of the socks off of the CSM (with 54 live stitches to graft), but can't kitchener worth a shit off of DPNs - OR off needle, after steaming them into submission? (And we're only talking 12 stitches on the heel, and 24 on toes!) Is it mental?

Ah, well....supper's over and I need to get back to mitering squares!
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