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I *hate* being stuck inside because of ice...

my kids are driving me insane (yes, it's a short drive.). Herself has, at least, been working on her scarf (it's only been on the loom for, what? 8 months??) Himself weaves a bit, then goes and plays Star Wars. Me? I've been busy...

Since this AM, I've:

1)plyed all the Alpaca/Silk/Wool (got approx. 400 yards of 2-ply sport-ish weight)
2)plyed the Icelandic and silk sewing thread (haven't skeined it yet)
3)spun 2 bobbins of "winter" singles - Mohair/Silk/Wool/Angelina in blues/whites/greys/silvers. Will ply them together, then ply *that* yarn with a 2 ply of the same blend, but with more white (this one is blue-ish)
4)woven 2 dishtowels
As an aside, Phantom of the Opera is *great* music to spin froghair to!

I'm impatiently waiting for Herself to finish her scarf, so I can take over that loom.

I tried to knit a bit, but the left wrist started in screaming. That, along with a major headache (maybe migraine....I am trying to ignore it, but it's not working) made knitting a no-go. Maybe tomorrow I can attempt to work on my sock again.

Must wind off singles #2 so I can spin #3. (I use 1 bobbin per project; I wind the yarn off onto storage bobbins and ply from them. That way, my yarn is more consistent).
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