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Previous Entry Update Feb. 22nd, 2006 @ 09:08 am Next Entry
First, thanks for all the sympathy - I needed it. I have a suspicion that I know what caused Puff's death : SCID. The article is good, and pretty clear. I *know* Magic is a carrier; I did not (and do not) know that Dusty is, but I bet he is. (He would have to be if this is what killed Puff. Since I am not planning on re-breeding Magic to Dusty, this is a moot point).

Anyway...spent all day Monday weaving a scarf. I had forgotten how pleasant it is to sit at a loom and bang away all day long; no difficult treadlings to remember, no changing weft colors....just open the shed, toss the shuttle, beat, repeat. *That* fair entry is done, I just need to wash it (and all the yarns - whoo boy.) and it's ready to go (and then it goes off to a friend to be auctioned.)

Got a quote on the pool deck.....$2500. Yeah, right - I didn't pay that much for the freaking pool! I priced the materials - $728 for a 12x12 deck (the quote? For a 10x8 deck.) Methinks I need to learn to use power tools! Am waiting to hear from another contractor...we'll see.

Must go to work....
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spin a yarn
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