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It's the weekend, all right!

At least it's been RAINING all day! Whee!

It was Himself's Birthday party today (Birthday is 3/6; NTIF is next weekend, and...well, kilts win hands down.) He cleaned up pretty well - Lego Mars Rover, Lego spaceship, Lego Helicopter, K'nex, Star Wars ship of some sort, clothes, Star Wars Landspeeder, more clothes, and the Playskool Anakin. He's happy.

My kitchen has been semi-organized. My under-cabinet organizer is installed and filled (need to get another one!), my cabinets are...better...and chili is bubbling away (Chili cook-off at church tomorrow. I want to OWN it.) All the mis-matched socks have either been matched or tossed (except for a few NEW socks - what? You don't keep your mis-matched socks in your kitchen??)

Also got a new digital thermostat installed. Very nice - it'll even switch from heat to cool for you! Got the (sold) warping reel dis-assembled - just need to build a box and pack it up, and got the (also sold) Ashford skeinwinder disassembled - again, need a box so I can forward the shipping cost to the buyer.

Am 1.5 full squares, 8 1/2 squares, the ribbing and the toe away from finishing the first sock. It's COOL (pictures will be forthcomingj - need sunlight to get the full effect of the wild colors).

Have woven 1/2 of a dishtowel. Spun 1/2 of a bobbin of the "winter" sock yarn. Am just about off of the sugar rush from the birthday cake....must go knit a bit!

Tomorrow: Must whip out 2 pairs of bloomers for next week, and take up the waistbands of the skirts I will wear. Fun stuff - I HATE sewing!
Tags: blather, garb, knitting, spinning, weaving

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