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Sock #1 is finished, sock #2 is CO and I'm on square #6. Got my needles last night to start the hat for the daycare lady...will do sock to square #8 (so all the "loose" squares you start with are interconnected) then will CO for it.

NTIF update: word has come down from the organizers - NO FOOD is to be brought in, we have to buy it just like the patrons do. pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt. Oh, well - it's just for 2 days; I can find something low-carb/sugar-free to eat (and I can dig up some funds to pay for said food, hopefully)

Blew out my wrist last night finishing up sock #1. Have had it in a brace for 3 hours this AM.....*sigh* Wonky wrists are *so*much*fun*! (NOT!)

Must get back to work!
Tags: blather, demos, knitting, socks

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