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I don't eff'n believe this!

The guy - the one with the busy hands from this weekend - emailed me Monday. No biggie - I had given him the addy Sat. mornin - I decided I would be nice and answer him. He wanted to come out and see the horses and dogs......I was nice, but told him plainly "not to expect ANYTHING" and "we are pretty busy weekend-wise for the next month or so".

Most guys would get the hint.....not him.

He has decided that "if I had a spare room" he "would enjoy getting away to the country for the weekend". WTF?????

No. Nononononononononononono - not just no, but HELL No. I'm going to let someone with apparant stalker tendancies, that I JUST EFF'ng MET have a *sleepover* at my house????? Let's not even mention that I have *2* young children I have to be a good example to.....and protect. I had thought my comments Sunday about my over-protective LARGE dogs, and my dead-eye accuracy with my .45 would cool his jets.....

So - give me ideas. Apparantly I'm too nice to get the point across. (Oh, and at the moment, (and forever, if I stay smart) he has no clue of my "fiberaddict" ID. No idea of the webpage or this LJ. Let 'er rip!)
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