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This morning was glorious! Beautiful sunrise, gentle temperature, traffic wasn't too bad, the squirrels were running in fear of the Red Fox, the birds were was indeed beautious.

Yes, I did mention a was near the Biblical Arts Center. Gorgeous young fox (maybe a year or so old), on the side of the road, chasing a terrified squirrel. They ran in front of our car; the squirrel got away and the fox stood there for a moment, looking at us, before trotting off in the direction the squirrel took. If I had thought fast enough, I would have snapped a pic with my phone - but I was too amazed at the sight of a Fox! in Dallas! near Houses!

Work was. Tax returns. The 1120S and related States are due tomorrow...we finished them at 2:00, went to lunch at 2:15, and were back in the office at 2:40 to start the copying and collating. We'll haul them to the Post Office tomorrow. Whew! Next up, the boss's 1040. *It* will be easy - he's cash basis, so we do 11 months and the Bank will do December. (The corporate was a bugger - we had to do the full year, 11 months, and 1 month, then fiddle with the K-1's to make it all balance. 1 mis-key on one of the Excel worksheets had us scrambling at 1:30 to re-do *all* the tax forms.......ugh. Just....Ugh.)

I'm home, the animals are fed, and I am off to bed. I don't get this often, so I will catch up on my sleep.
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