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in between tax returns. We finished the corporate this AM (good thing, since it HAS to be postmarked *today*); we'll start the boss's Personal tomorrow (my printer is going to go on strike - it's currently spitting out all the ledgers/financial statements/balance sheets and excel reports so we can get started on it. I've killed probably 2 trees this morning with all this printing - and this is just the *preliminary* stuff!)

Am almost done with the daycare lady's daughter's hat. Pink. Barbie Pink. :shudder: Am starting the crown decreases now.....I hope I'm done by tomorrow. I don't really like Pink. Or acrylic yarn, but she requested machine washable, so there ya go.

Just finished a TERRIFIC book - "Grace in Thine Eyes" by (my favorite author) Liz Curtis Higgs. I'm trying to word a review to post (other than 'BUY this book - it's Great! Liz is Terrific! You won't be Sorry!', all of which is true, but not a very good review. *g*), since I'd like to give her as much exposure as possible. It's based on the Biblical book of Genesis; the main character is based on Dinah, Jacob's only daughter. It tells her story, but it's based in 1800's Scotland. Wonderful writing; yes, it has a message, but Liz doesn't beat you over the head with it like some authors do. It also doesn't get in the way of the *story*, which, again, I sometimes have a problem with. It's a sequel to her Scottish Trilogy about Jacob, Leah, and Rachel ("Thorn in My Heart", "Fair is the Rose", and "Whence Came a Prince")....and, um, I'm mentioned in the author's notes as offering spinning and weaving advise. Not that I offered much - Liz did a Ton of research, and it shows.

Have slowly been getting my fair entries ready. I have washed all the yarns (except the Icelandic/silk....that's on the plans for either today or tomorrow.), I re-skeined the Worsted Romney - and was surprised to find out that it came in at approx. 240 of 2-ply! I haven't weighed it yet, but Lots of yardage to cram onto 1 bobbin! I've got the Alpaca/Silk/Wool in line to re-skein next....what takes so long is the fact that I am using my Niddy for it instead of the clock reel. My clock reel has a circumference of 90"(or about 2.5 yards)...the Niddy is 2 yards. *Most* fairs require a 2 yard skein; while our fair has no clue, I'd still like to be a professional as possible with this, so - the Niddy it is. I know the Alpaca et al skein has 120 yards in stuff!

I have the tags written up on the 2 handwoven items I'm entering (a handspun scarf and a twill sampler dishtowel) slowly writing up the yarns. I need to write up Himself's scarf - I can do that tonight, though.

OH - and a shoutout to all you big-hearted crafters out there. mantofev's husband has a brain tumor. moderngypsy has set the call out for items to raffle off to help raise money to offset the costs not covered by their insurance - if you'd like to help (or enter the raffle!), please check her LJ for details. I'm sending my 4 skeins of laceweight BL (the EE-dyed stuff!) and a handwoven scarf - if I can finish up this never-ending warp, I'll send a dishtowel or 2 along as well. They've had an offer of matching funds (up to $10,000!!!), so please DONATE and/or enter the raffle! (Oh, and moderngypsy, I went over my fair entries, and I *didn't* enter this yarn, so I'll try to get it and the scarf labeled and packed up this weekend.)

Gotta go add paper!
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