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Ugh. It's Monday...

Himself seemed better yesterday, but was coughing pretty badly again this AM. *sigh* Co-worker's DH is out of the hospital (2 days early!) and is on his way to the dialysis center now. My head is pounding like you wouldn't believe....

Need to make a pom-pom for daycare lady's daughter's hat. The hat itself is done - yea! I'm back on the diamond patch sock. I might drop it for a bit though, and knit my FILs (late) Christmas present. The yarn is done and balled......gotta find my larger needles.

Next real spinning project - superwash wool for a scarf for the church's handyman. I had asked him to make me a blocking reel....he got confused and made me a set of skirders instead. (You use them for laying rope, and plying, apparantly. It's on the opposite page of AA's blocking reel)...he wouldn't give me a price - told me to pay him what it's worth to me - :boggle:. It's hard to put a price on wonderful handcrafted stuff. And these are lovely - cedar body and nice clear maple dowels. So...a handspun, handwoven scarf seems appropriate. In green, since he likes green. Superwash, so he can toss it in the washer ( his Wife can toss it in). *g*

Still no ATM/Debit card. It's very frustrating to have NO easy access to my money....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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