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Is it Friday yet? - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Is it Friday yet?

Previous Entry Is it Friday yet? Mar. 21st, 2006 @ 09:26 am Next Entry
*sigh* Still have the headache, but it's not as bad this AM. Probably because (huzzah!) co-worker is here with me today (double huzzah!).

Packed up the 4 skeins of laceweight and they are winging their way to moderngypsy. I have the scarf, too...but it seems that the Zoey-monster is too good to let her (very muddy) paws rest on the (nice, relatively) clean laminate floor. *sigh* So, I get to go home and wash it tonight...fun fun fun!

I have our county fair entries in the van - we are planning to rush straight from the daycare to the Fair grounds to enter everything (6 handspun skeins, 2 handwoven scarfs (1 me, 1 Himself), 1 handwoven dishtowel (twill sampler) and 1 picture (Herself - a very nice parrot who's cleaning his wing. Or so she says). Should be fun!

We have a big meeting up here today - 3 bankers, Mrs. Boss, the financial advisor and us. Eeep!
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