Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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The entries have been submitted...

and lo and behold, the County Extension Agent has a degree in Textiles!!! Whoo Hooo - she really reallyreallyreally wants to get a fiber guild going here!

I'll be demo-ing at the fair grounds Sat. beginning at 1. We can pick up the entries at 8...don't think I'll be htere for 7 hours, but you never know. I have 8 oz of DragonHair packed and ready....I think I'll pack another 8 oz of....something just in case.

Oh, and the meeting? Ran until 4:30. The office closes at 4. *sigh*

Off to hang up the washed and still damp scarf now.
Tags: blather

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