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The results are in....

and the fiberaddict clan did well.....

Herself got 2nd place in Misc. Drawings - there were about 20 entries in her age group, so I'm thrilled over it. Her drawing was of a parrot. Very nice - it'll look nice on our wall.

Weaving...bear in mind that there were only 4 entries in the weaving category...I was 2 and Himself was 1. I did NOT enter with the goal of acquiring ribbons - they don't mean much if there's no competition - I entered with the goal of attracting attention. Boy howdy, did we ever!

I got a 1st for my pile o'handspun yarn, plus Best in Weaving - Misc. Division, 1st for my handspun/handwoven scarf, and 1st plus Best in Weaving - Accessories for my twill sampler dishtowel.

Himself.....oh. Himself got a 1st, plus Best in Weaving - Accessories, Age 6 and Under, and..........GRAND CHAMPION in Weaving. :boggle:

His entry can be seen here. (I'll be taking pictures of the items with the ribbons and Himself's certificate tomorrow - I'll try to post them as soon as I can.)

The other entry was a small, pretty nicely woven shawl. I didn't really get a chance to ogle it, but it looked nice (it did need to be wet-finished, though - the weave was still pretty open. Still, it was nice!)
I attached a card to it - she lives in a town that's only 18 miles away, and I'd love to have a weaving buddy.

I spoke with one of the judges (she makes the most AWESOME miniature books) - he got it because it was obvious it was made by who we claimed made it. Apparantly, there is a lot of cheating going on in the entries - I told her I just couldn't believe it...I mean, why would I enter something for him that he didn't do? (Or by me if I didn't do it??) Apparantly, I am one of the few that think that way. :sigh:

I demo'd for about 6 hours. Gave away a *ton* of cards; also gave away all but 2 of the drop spindles I had made. Need to make more....Spun 4 bobbins of singles, and plied 2. It's pretty decent yarn....need to make something to enter for next year! *g*

The County Extension Agent is totally excited - she is going to get a guild started like.....Now. We're going to have a meeting sometime in April so we can hammer things out, then Hello, Fiber People! I'm bouncing over here over that - I've been beating the bushes for the past 3 years trying to get something going, with no luck. This is going to get fun!

Also came home with 1 lamb's fleece - I'll be washing it tomorrow. Also have been promised a metric buttload more - the folks out here shear the sheep and...THROW THE WOOL AWAY. Arrrrrrrrrrgh! Not anymore, though - it'll be bagged and handed over to me. I think I need to get really familiar with a processer pretty quick. *g*

Must run - gotta get unpacked.
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