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We have pictures! we go - I'll LJ-cut it so my friends pages don't all come to a screeching halt:

Here's Herself's artwork. I am going to find a frame for it this week so we can proudly display it on our wall:

Here are the handspun skeins I entered (in the Weaving: Misc. category as 1 entry):

They are, in order: Icelandic/Silk laceweight, Worsted-spun Romney, Alpaca/Silk/Wool, Kid Mohair/Silk tail-spun, domestic Wool, and Silk.

Here's my handspun/handwoven scarf:

The yarn is a 2-ply spun from some "Dragonhair". It's a thrum-type preparation, with lots of sparkle in it. It's really lovely in person!

And, my handwoven twill-sampler dishtowel:

And, with no further ado, Himself's own entry - the Grand Champion:

The pattern is "Log Cabin" - it's a 2 harness, 2 shuttle weave. Very simple, despite how it looks. I warped the loom and he did ALL the weaving himself. I am extremely chuffed over this!

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