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Previous Entry In search of: Mar. 29th, 2006 @ 09:37 am Next Entry
3" wooden wheels. Anybody have a good source for them? The largest I've been able to find locally is 2"...and while they make OK spindles, they're a little light-weight for beginners to try and learn on.

There's a box of wool (2.0 pounds!) waiting for me at the P.O. I've got J., Himself's favorite daycare lady, going to pick it up today - 1 pound is green superwash for a gift for the carpenter at church, the other pound is a "grab bag" of Brown Sheep mill-ends for me to pass out with the spindles. 1 pound of ready to spin wool for $6.50 - can't beat that! (It's from The Sheep Shed - they have bunches and bunches).

*sigh* Enough playing - must get back to the $##^&$)(*&$#@@ tax returns!
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spin a yarn
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