Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Can you say incompetence?

I thought you could! *sigh*

OK, so when last we left our heroine, she was fighting with the evil bank over a fraudulent charge of $15.99. She was at the end of her rope, and had decided it really wasn't worth the time or effort to argue any more, when - surprise! - the bank credited the money back into her account. All was well with the world...

Until yesterday. About a week ago, our heroine wrote a check to pay for her beloved tractor. It's the same amount every month - $270.94. It never imagine her surprise when she checked her bank account and discovered a check (with the number of the check she wrote to the Tractor company) had cleared her account for $490.72. WTF??? (In case you can't see it - they input it completely backwards. Go on - stare at the 2 numbers for a minute. See it? Good - you're a quicker study than the bank reps are!) The image of the check wasn't online yet....but she didn't care. This problem MUST be fixed, immediately if not sooner!

So, she called the bank's 1-800 #. The male on the other end said, "well, sorry - but the check hasn't been scanned in yet, so call back tomorrow." Yeah. OK. You'd better be ready, dude - I am angry here!

She called back this morning, ready to do battle. The female on the other end said, (after about 5 minutes of the heroine explaining, and her saying, "I don't get it", our heroine gnashing her teeth and explaining AGAIN in words of 1 syllable or less, spoken thru clinched teeth) "whoops. Oh, NOW I see it! Well, *WE* didn't make that mistake - the other bank did, and we took their word for it." clickety-clackety. "OK, I made a request for an instant credit of $199.78. It'll show up immediately! Oh, and would you like to open a savings account with us today?" The heroine said NO, and hung up.

Then, she ran the figures herself. (You honestly didn't think this would be correct, did you?) Let's see...$490.72 LESS $270.94 = $219.78. WTF??????? *sigh*

She had her intrepid co-worker re-run the figures (just to be sure. I mean, her adding machine *might* have burped.....5 times in a row.). She then called the bank BACK.

The bank is now totally confused. Our heroine has spoken with 3 different folks, all of which have had their brains explode from the confusion. (Look, it's not that hard. Look at the check image - $270.94. Now look at the withdrawal - $490.72. Subtract the former from the latter. See, no confusion!)

The upshot: Person # 3 has submitted an URGENT request to the research department (the ones apparantly in charge of refunding me my own money) to fix the error made by their customer service rep. (She input the "correct" check amount as - get this - $290.94. *sigh* Supposedly, our heroine will be receiving a phone call from research telling her that the $20 (on top of the $199.78) has been put back into her account. (Where it never should have been taken out in the first place....)

The kicker???? Lady #3 told our heroine (and I am totally NOT MAKING THIS UP): "Thank you so much for catching that error for us! You have a nice day now!"

Like, the heroine wouldn't keep a close eye on her bank account? *blech*

And now, *MY* head is threatening to explode. At least I have finally found the perfect post for this icon!!
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