Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Ugh...I need a nap!

Why is it my "free" weekends leave me exhausted? Today, already, I have
(after fixing breakfast):
1)done 4 loads of laundry
2)changed the slipcovers in the family room
3)vacuumed the family room, studio annex and kitchen
4)cleaned out the refridgerator
5)reorganized the cabinet next to the fridge
6)cleaned the cooktop
7)emptied the sink
8)tidied the studio
9)put more fiber samples in my notebook
10)carded 3 batts of Pyr fluff
11)spun 1/2 a batt of Pyr fluff
12)clipped some roses off of the bushes out front and put them inside
13)got the kids started on cleaning their rooms
14)tried to remove the flat tire off of the tractor (this will involve acquiring a larger lug wrench. Hmmmm...)
15)Tried to start the weed whacker 3X (I just bought it new last year. Can't figure out *why* it won't start. It has gas/oil, the sparkplug looks clean....Hmmmmmmmmmm.)
16)Bagged up the now dry lambs wool from my bathroom and put it in the studio.
17) Started a loaf of bread (bad me! Loaded with Carbs! Who cares - it's FRESH BREAD!!!)
18) Fixed lunch.

I'm pooped! Think I'll go attempt to take a nap.

The lady? From the Fair? That was supposed to call me Thursday to set up a time to come out today? (I did mention that, didn't I? She called about 9:20 Wed. evening (AFTER bedtime..I was asleep. Oh, well - not everyone keeps my odd hours) and asked about bringing some friends (from England) out. She took my work #, said she'd call Thursday..and nothing. She said she has wool, Mohair, and Alpaca/Llama fiber for me (!!), but...) Hasn't contacted me since. I'm not holding my breath - it would be nice if she came, but...oh well. The house is pretty much presentable, so I'm not gonna fret over it. If she comes with fiber, great - I'll skirt it, pack it up, and ship it off to be processed (I am out of time here to process a bunch of fiber - I'd rather save that for some of the stuff I've paid premium prices for.) If not...well, I have tons of stuff already, and I'm sure I can find *something* to work with. *g*

Must. Go. Nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Tags: blather, spinning

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