Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy busy busy...

Spent the last 45 minutes trying to get a lead rope on the Finn, then attempting to get him moved to the round pen. I won...but only because, with the horses, I *always* win. Let's not discuss how much damage I received.....but *I* won. He is now in the pen, with the rope still attached, and he is pissed. But contained - and that was the idea.

I also started and almost finished Christmas Project #1. 3 novelty yarns on size 15s...I had forgotten how fast it goes. I hope that by Christmas, I'll have forgotten how much I *hate* working with acrylic novelty yarns. *g* Ah, well...1 down - how many to go?

Still no visitors. Ah, well.

I found the right size tire iron to pull the tire off of the tractor. Unfortunately, it's one of the "x" style ones...and the rims are too deep for one of those to work. *sigh* Looks like I'll have to actually spend the $$ to get this &^^%$*% tire off so I can get it resealed so I can mow my yard (which desprately needs it!)

I'm tired - gotta go start supper!

Doctor tomorrow - my annual exam. Fun. NOT.
Tags: blather, knitting, pets

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