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Well, no exercise tonight

I try to tell on myself when I don't exercise, so I will catch myself when I start to slack. Last night was ballet, so no exercise for me (unless you count chasing Himself around the studio while we waited on Herself)...and then none again tonight.

Tonight, I set up the cubes and started organizing my yarn. Didn't get far with the organization part.......because, like, well...OMG, you just can't *hide* it when it's right there out in the open, can you???

I mean, I'm a weaver - that's how I started, and that's how I see myself. I spin to get custom yarns for woven goods, and I knit to use up yarn while I'm away from the loom. Looms eat lots and lots of yarn, fast...or so they say. I think they are lying, personally, because I have so much yarn, I may never be able to use it all up!

Steve was the Garage Sale *King* - he could find anything at garage sales, and get it for cheap (like the lathe he got for $50, table and all - AND the turning tools, to boot!). He ran across one sale that had a box of older acrylic yarn (I like the older stuff - it doesn't seem to be as plastic-y to me). He gabbed awhile, then casually asked about the box. $5 for all the yarn, they said. He didn't even haggle, he whipped out a $5 bill and gleefully grabbed the box....and the seller said "Here, let me get the rest of it for you". Ummm, rest of it?????

Yup.....we ended up hauling home *8* Large Moving boxes, all *full* of yarn. I gave away all the colors I didn't like.....and I've used up a bunch in weavng samples and letting the kids play with it....and I still have 5 cubes *full* of it.

That doesn't include the 2 cubes of coned yarns (and the cones stacked on top of those 2)...or the handspun. The 1 shelf and 2 drawers full of handspun.....*sigh*

The plan was to empty out the Armoire and re-fill it with my leatherworking tools (1 shelf), my fabric (I figured I could fill up both remaining shelves), and the wool overflow in the 2 drawers. Hah! Not even.......*g*

Guess I need to really kick myself and start back to weaving seriously. I gotta use up this yarn!!!

Pictures to the time I finished that, I decided to rearrange the guest/music room. I fixed the futon, added the pad (which I bought today - found a good deal!), then had to push the twin bed out of the way (it's iron), move all the boxes I had hidden under it, then set the futon in place. I still have to break down the twin bed and remove it...sure hope it fits up in the attic!! That's gonna wait until Saturday, though, when I can get some help. Himself tries, but at 4 he's just not as much help as he thinks. (Herself would rather supervise).

Think I'll go to bed now!!!
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