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I Found my emerald!!!!!!

*deep breath* I sat down to spin some of my melancholy away, and started looking at the floor. The first 4 green blobs were playdough (ick....just, ick.); the next 2 were stupid beads (Herself has a bead fetish....and she likes to dump them on the floor and sort them - then not pick them up until the vacuum comes out).

I scooted the Norwegian closer to me...and noticed a small, oddly shaped blob on the floor near the leg. I went to push it away from the wheel - don't want clay/playdough on the wheel, after all - and noticed it was solid.

Thank the Lord, I found my emerald! I put it and the band into a ziplock I need to find a decent jeweler to reset the stone.

I am so relieved right now!!!!
Tags: blather

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