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It's Wednesday. The weather outside looks lovely - I wouldn't know, since I've been chained to this desk since 8 AM - and I want to go outside and play. Ah, well....

I've managed to spin up 8 oz of Brown Sheep mill ends since Sunday. This particular blend is green/white/black, and spins into a nice, dark yarn. The green feels like superwash, the white is pretty definately silk....and I have no idea what the black is. It feels "hairy", the staple length is comparable to the silk, but it's...weird. Ah, well - the yarn is for a scarf, and should weave up loverly, and that's what counts! I've still got to ply it up - that's what the Jumbo flyer array on the Scottish wheel is for!

The Norwegian eats up wool like it's candy. I love, love, love this wheel! I'm eye-balling my flax stash now - I really want to give it a spin (pun intended) and see how the wheel likes it. Then I'll move on into silk!

We postponed the guild planning meeting - and I'm glad. I've got too much to do before Saturday, and wasn't sure how I was going to fit it all in.

Saturday is the Celtic Heritage festival in Kilgore. As far as I know, I'm the only MacClellan that's going. (Well, not counting my kids - but they won't be tent-sitting!) It's the first time I'll be totally in charge of the tent - should be fun! Even if I do have to leave the house no later than 6 AM to get there by 8! *g*

Tonight I will ply the last 2 bobbins on the Norwegian, then pack up a bunch of stuff to take on Saturday. Tomorrow is laundry and ironing; Friday is bread-baking and packing the car.
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