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Now, for something completely different..

Today was the annual Parent-Teacher conference at Himself's school. So, I left work at lunch and headed over there.

The short version: He's a genius. (Duh!)

The long version: It wasn't a conference - it was a love fest. Seriously - all Mrs. S. could do was talk about how smart he was, how much she enjoyed having him in her class, how the other kids have really gotten More this year because of him (she said she keeps tossing stuff out there to get him to think; the other kids go "huh?" and he processes it and surprises her with his discoveries), how much he's improved since the first of the year...yadayadayada I know my son's smart, thanks!

I was told I needed to get him into any science-type camps and retreats that come along. I was told he has a very analytical mind (Duh again) and is very interested in Engineering-type things (And, once again - DUH). He's the only (if I understood correctly) Kindergartener that was accepted in the Gifted and Talented program (and I may be wrong there....she never actually *said* that, but it was heavily implied).

And, the Britcoms are working - she also told me that everyone who came in contact with him wanted to know if he was British. *eg* (I hate Hate HATE the Texas Twang these country-folk have. This is not the normal Texas accent - this is....well, let's see if I can spell it phonetically: "We nede ta go ta tha Stor-er naw." "Tha warshar is dun - can I put the klohz in tha Dry-ar?" :shudder:) I don't mind the normal accent - Hell, *I* have one - it's the....overdone, undereducated-sounding one that just grates on my nerves.

AND - I got mail today! A big box that contained the most wonderful, excellent, too cute mobile for my bathroom! The talented Torchie made me a bunch of lampwork glass fishies (and a crab!) and assembled them into the most perfect accessory for the kids' bathroom. I need to dig out the camera and get pictures - it's just perfect! (ETA: If you go to her "studio" page, you'll see 2 pics of the fishies! Hunt in the box for the fishies, they're mine!)

Must run - my wheel is calling me!
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