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I survived Kilgore!

Oh, geez - I am tired, I am bushed, I have a *very* interesting sunburn..but I survived intact! (And with my dignity intact, as well - no "handy" men around! *g*)

This festival is very very small - maybe...15 clans, under 10 vendors (if I counted correctly; 3 at the end of the fest, 4 on one wing, 2 on the other are all I remember), 1 pipe band, and...2 bands on the stage near us (again, that I noticed. Maybe they changed out more often, but I think it was just 2 swapping places all day.) 1 other stage; it seemed to be used for dancing demos and such. 3 food vendors, and a very small children's area. Oh - and 3 Highland Cows (this is an important foreshadowing. Pay attention!)

We left the house at 6 AM - Kilgore is right at 90 miles from me; it's a straight shot down I-20. Today dawned dimly - heavy heavy fog all over the place. It took me right at 1.5 hours (it took me just at 1 hour driving time to get home so you can see the fog was pretty bad). I only got lost twice in Kilgore (this is *good*!), but we found the Intermediate school, and we found our tents pretty quickly once there (my MacDuff cousin had set them up last night.)

Set up the lovely Norwegian, set up our tent (do you see where my priorities lie here? *g*) then went on walkabout to scan the fest out. Not a whole lot to see, so I went back to the tent and started spinning (a lovely blue roving - the blues almost perfectly matched my teal-y overskirt). I saw the cattle clan brushing the cows, so I stopped the wheel, ran over there, and begged fiber. (What? I'm supposed to ignore all this long, red fiber that's being tossed?)

About an hour later, I was presented with a bucket of reddish hair. I finished off my bobbin, put in an empty, and went to town. Lots of dandruff, no carding, just reach in and go (I'll write up a more detailed report later for my records). I navajo-plied the singles, then presented the surprised owner with the resulting 3-ply skein. (Short skein....I ended up with maybe 20 yards of yarn.) Then, I went back to the wool.

On the way back to our tent, I was ambushed by the organizers and bullied into entering the "costume" contest. I have it in quotes, because they were grabbing folks that looked period, so it was more like a garb contest. O.....K. Whatever. Sure. My garb of choice? Pendragon Celtic bodice, light teal gauze chemise, darker teal overskirt, tan underskirt, tall boots, tie-dyed bloomers. Hair up in normal knot.)

Spun for a bit, joined the parade (it was...different. The pipers walked by, picking up the clans as they passed the tents. Strange.) Spun some more - I got lots of attention, explained the workings to quite a few curious men, told the kids no, don't touch - no, I didn't KILL the sheep, just gave it a haircut, found 2 new cousins (MacDuff got a page full - I'd bring 'em in, he'd assimilate them.)..normal festival stuff, just on a smaller (and slower-paced) scale.

Contest time. I brought my groupies. *eg* There were 6 of us - 2 men, 4 women. Clan Young went first (and, gypsybaby1, I need to ask you about him - he's a Scarby regular), then a girl with a pink fox tail, then me, then Clan Wilson, then the other 2 women. We were supposed to "explain" our garb, and how it was "authentic". Um....yeah. I bounced up, said "This is generic Ren-wench. Cotton for the most part - and this is my sheep. (I had a small sheep purse on my belt. She's cute.) I'm hunting Scotsmen - this is my bait! :simper:" They had to wait for the crowd to quit laughing. I was asked what I would do when I caught one, so I explained: "I'm the founder of the Texas Catch-and-Release program; when I'm done with him, I'll set him free in the world so we can study him in his normal habitat! You just wouldn't belive how they live (with a cute frown and pout)- it's pretty messy!" More laughter. The other 3 did their spiels....then we had to line up. Clan Wilson started to vamp, so I did, too - I popped up the skirt to show some bloomer'd leg. *eg* The bloomers did it - I won. (!) They're supposed to send me a check (!!!)..we'll see.

Back to the tent for more spinning - and some major flirting. There's something about this bodice, methinks.

Got interviewed twice for different papers today, and had numerous pictures taken. Handed out lots of business cards - we'll see what happens.

We packed up at 5....and made the only mistake of the day. We stopped at Chili's for supper....the service sucked, it was slow, I had to beg for water.....irk.

Anyway, made it home safe and sound, fed the furkids, and hit the 'net. Bed is calling....
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